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Quality Installations
The value of a quality installation

Remember the old adage "You get what you pay for"?


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The Value of a Quality Installation
You get what you pay for

When you call for an estimate, would you expect a company to say, "Our prices are the cheapest in town because we cut corners everywhere possible!"? It's not likely to happen. Unfortunately, the guy with the cheapest price never has to justify why he's the cheapest because most people think a cheap price is a good thing.

Price quotations to install what seems to be similar equipment can vary widely from contractor to contractor. Why the differences? The answer: Price, quality, and commitment to the customer and community usually go hand-in-hand.

Contractors can shave their costs and your price in many ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Spend less time to prepare and install your equipment
  • Use less materials or lower-grade products and materials
  • Fail to invest in training or skill upgrading programs
  • Fail to invest in facilities or diagnosis and repair equipment
  • Fail to offer any repair or maintenance services
  • Fail to purchase and complete appropriate permits when required
  • Operate "under-the-table" to avoid inspections, and to avoid costs related to business licenses, business taxes, and income tax.

The risks associated with these kinds of practices are obvious. Deep down, we all know everything has a bearing on price. You get what you pay for. Quality, size, performance, efficiency, accessories, permits, installation, warranties, guarantees, and the level of service offered after the sale will all have impacts on the price you are expected to pay.

When comparing prices, is the lowest price really the best price? You be the judge. Take some time to examine quotations, products and features very closely. Be sure to determine what you are really getting for your money.